BBC Young Dancer 2017

This isn’t a review – it’s just a quick post to talk about the BBC Young Dancer competition that I watched at The Lowry last night. But not in too much detail, or I’ll get my wrists slapped by the BBC.

The Young Dancer competition first started in 2015, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it on TV – seeing new talent, getting an insight into coaching and rehearsal processes and learning all about other forms of dance. The only downside was how sparse the coverage was of the category finals (unlike the grand final, which is transmitted live).

So this year I was delighted to be able to watch the Ballet Category Final live and in full. The six young contestants were exceptionally high quality, and each one had different strengths, well showcased by their classical solos, pas de deux and more contemporary individual dances. Many of them had choreography even professionals would find challenging.

I was sat right by the judges’ table, and was totally starstruck by my proximity to Deborah Bull (former Royal Ballet star). I was also right next to a camera, so I’m wondering if my face might end up on BBC 4…

Best of all though, was that my personal choice of category winner was the same as the judges’. I hope they go on to do well in the final. And in the meantime, I get to be a bit smug about being right – my years of watching and reviewing must be starting to pay off!

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