Brb, off to Devon

Food of the gods
Food of the gods

I’m off to Devon on Saturday for a week, yay! I will be wearing my summeriest clothes (regardless of the weather), eating my weight in the above and showing my Cairn Terrier the sea for the first time.
Unfortunately, this means I will also be going a whole week without any shows to see or reviews to write. WOE IS ME. (And you, depending on how much you like reading my posts.) So here’s two mini reviews to tide you over…

Between two extremely stressful shifts at my on-off job, I managed to catch up on two BBC Arts screenings: firstly, The Duchess of Malfi from the Globe’s new candlelit Restoration theatre. It was a perfect fit for the grim events of Webster’s play – characters lurked in the shadows and semi-darkness provided a good cover for the slightly ridiculous twists in the story (death by poisoned book, wax statues pretending to be corpses etc). It did feel a tad long, but maybe that’s because I’ve never been the play’s biggest fan.

Next, I found and watched the English National Ballet’s performance of Dust on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. I really enjoyed the introductory film and that Akram Khan chose to focus on the women of WW1 – interesting and appropriate for a female-dominated art form. The corps sections of Dust incredibly powerful and strong, but the pas de deux left me less enthused – it was moving, yes, but I didn’t feel like it developed enough for the amount of time it took up in the piece. My feelings aside though, it was fantastic to see ballet at a festival like Glastonbury. Even if the camera work was pants.

Right, I’m off to pack. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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